Trying to find different ways to earn extra holiday cash. Any apps that help ?

Started by Celissa R.
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Kristen S.

Qmee, it's a survey place that pays instantly and also I can Google ways to quickly earn cash it talks u alot


Anonymized A.

My favorite 2 are Rakatan (some stores sometimes offer 10% or more rebates like Macy's) and Fetch which gives you redeemable points just for scanning any store receipt with bonus points for certain products.


Ashley B.

I currently have Ibotta and Fetch. I use them both. With Fetch you earn points and choose gift cards and with Ibotta I earn cash back.


Winnie Q.

I use Fetch Rewards, ReceiptPal, and NCP. Fetch has a nice low payout threshold which is really convenient for quick cash.


Jerra G.

I would like to know some apps to


Joselyn M.

I use WayBetter and StepBet. You bet on yourself to complete healthy living challenges and split a pot of money with other people who also win.


Sarah S.

These are great suggestions! Thanks!


Anonymized A.

Thank you all for the valuable resources


Alecia P.

Oh, I'll have to check out those too. Thanks!


Kristen O.

I like to use Current [Radio] Rewards. It is an app where you can get points for charging your phone, listening to music, playing mobile games, completing offers, taking surveys, and checking in daily. While most of the rewards to choose from are either gift cards or sign-up bonuses, some are apple products, and there is a Paypal Cash option. (I do not use the Paypal option, though, because Paypal takes a percentage of the reward as a fee.)


Jessica C.

I use steady great app and gives you alot of options to earn extra cash.


Anna W.

I will have to look into some of these.

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