Unexpected Death

Started by Willie C.
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Willie C.

Hello everyone I lost my father to cancer April 2021. On top of loosing my father I had to deal with my father's wife creating a fake WILL. Everything was taken from me in the matter of days, The house dad gave, the truck, GONE. So now after speaking to every attorney in town I have to raise 5 thousand dollars, on top of being homeless. Doors started opening for housing and I spoke to my sister who I haven't spoke to in over 15yrs. She didn't want to help due to the fact of her and dad's relationship want good. I never gave up i kept pushing, asking for help, begging from any and every direction. My father was a Veteran even Veteran Affairs didn't help. I was able to get a lawyer after much much hard work. Still struggling to eat everyday,, looking for a job, because this can take months, or even Years to settle. I've never been through anything like this and wouldn't wish this on anyone. But the worst thing is …… I am all alone, no support, no family, no friends, no help… thats the worst. Im posting this for anyone who has been through this and if they need any advise feel free to reachout. And if anyone has any resources PLEASE REACHOUT. Thank you all for reviewing my story of 2021 im hoping the rest of the year gets better.


Willie C.

Thank you Saverlife


Debby T.

Wow I hope you can find the help you need.I truly feel your pain because my youngest daughter was killed in February this year in a $@!#% $@!#% by her boyfriend. I haven't been the same since it happened.


Renee P.

It is difficult when someone dies. The funeral with creamation was over $2000. I was not sure if the life insurance policy was going to pay for the funeral. I had to have an affordable funeral that I could pay cash for. I chose to use cremation instead of a casket.

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