Do you think the schools will open in September?

Started by Vanya O.
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Vanya O.

I think we need to wait for the Governor gives the okay with all the precautions. Each state is different but everybody want the safety for the children.


Tiffany C.

Anything is possible don't think they believe these children can get sick. Mines not going.


Heather G.

Schools need to open for kids like mine that need special education teachers to teach the kids.


Crystal R.

Mine is going to home school. Better to be safe than sorry 🙏


Angel G.

I live in KS and their are allowing the districts decide, and ours decide to start on week late, 8/27


Shydia A.

They’re reopening this fall. Trump has already signed which allows your states Governor to determine what districts/schools will require face to face and which ones have the option of the 2. Inner city kids don’t have that option.


Emily C.

We have three options.
1- 100% distance learning.
2- two days in classroom and 3 days distance learning.
3- take a late start (without being penalized) until you and your family feel safe and ready


Deveri D.

Whatever the case may be…I am praying for the children, all the schools personnel, bus drivers, & parents. Peace & blessing!


April J.

I don't think that the school should be opening this early in September because it won't be safe for the preschooler. These babies in preschool wouldn't understand what going on and they are not going to understand the social distancing either too. I believe that we should wait until next year. If the school is opening then I just want parents to make right choice of their safety and their children's safe too.


Natalie E.

I work in the school system and I think we should wait awhile longer. The kids are going to have a hard time keeping a mask on all day. I spoke to a few parents and they said they’re not letting their kids come back if it does open in September.

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