Everyone opinion what keep u coming back to saver life?

Started by Tiffany R.
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Tiffany R.

I keep coming back because I love to learn so much. And I’m really changing my life around doing great things with dress for Success and save a life


Anonymized A.

Hello! The informative articles, points and talking with other members keeps me coming back to SaverLife. 💓


Joselyn M.

I agree! I enjoy connecting with other like minded members and being incentivized to save through rewarding challenges ☺


SaverLife Moderator T.

Thank you all for your lovely reviews of SaverLife! If you'd like to stay updated with all thing SaverLife + stay financially motivated, be sure to follow us on social media: https://linktr.ee/saverlifeorg

*We love sharing your #MoneyWins, so tag us whenever you have a milestone to share!

–SaverLife Moderator Team


Robert S.

The articles and of course the chance to win money.


Travis D.

I've gotten $23 from SaverLife up top of the 600 I've been able to save due to their silly contests. I figure even if I don't win… I still win.


Debby T.

I love reading the articles, they are a wealth of information.


Joel S.

I agree if if you don't win very often you still win with free articles to read. I keep coming back to saver life because they are unique in being different.


Anonymized A.

a visit has become a part of my morning routine


Regina M.

I enjoy the articles and the $100 saving challenges. I also like the chances to win money


Tracy N.

False hope for the COVID relief fund, LOL. It's kept me here since May of 2020 and I never get the required survey to get the $1000 reward. Nicely played, Saverlife. I did get a one time $5.00 scratch-off though so that's gotta be worth 15 months of logging in, no?

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