I can't use my available points!

Started by Candice R.
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Candice R.

Why does it show I have 850 points under my activities and points page but it shows I have 0 points when I try to do a scratch off?


Breyonna H.

Mine still say the same thing hopefully the admin fix it soon


Christina S.

Thank god I am not the only one. Mine does this too.


Anonymized A.

Mine have been off too and the whole system has been glitchy the past month. I still have not received points for the daily activities several days over the past month.


Christina S.

I hope they do fix it. Now the same thing is happening with the savings goal. In one place it shows I saved 90 (correct) but when it goes to the little graphic that shows your progress and says see where you rank that is now showing 0 (incorrect). They have good data but its not feeding correctly to these graphics which is prob what triggers the buttons to light up to use scratch offs etc. Same kinda problems across the board. It will say I didn't make my 100 goal, when in reality I will make it.


Jennifer H.

Is there a certain number of points needed before you can start spending?
I have 900 but it says i don't have any.


John G.

I put a ticket in for the points issue and was told the developers are aware of the issue and are working on it.


Travis N.

My account is having issues with my points? What needs to happen?


Caitlyn C.

I had the same problem when I signed up through Google I had to set a password then I was able to use them


Christina S.

They will fix them. They fized it once already since i have been a member but its broken again


Precious N.

I think it will be resolved soon, mine does that before suddenly, I saw it showing


Kevin B.

I have the same issue–it has been going on for over a week.

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