Deductibles, out of pocket costs & premiums

Started by Melissa A.
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Melissa A.

Be sure to save for deductibles and out of pocket expenses as well as your premiums coming out of your paychecks


Elena B.

A medical saving/sinking fund is always a good idea if your employer does not offer a competitive HSA or FSA.


Tamika E.

I wish I would have considered this. I applied and used my medical insurance and still had the largest medical bill! When I told my doctors office I couldn't afford their payment program, my bill was charged with extra fees from an attorneys office. I eventually paid my bill in full but with my monthly insurance payments being so high through the remainder of the year, what could I have done to forward the cost of my insurance towards my bill?


Melissa T.

I agree that an HSA or an FSA is the way to go if it is offered with your health insurance. The nice thing about an HSA is that you can invest all or part of your money.


Anonymized A.

As someone who does not have any medical conditions, I find it hard to estimate into a budget medical expenses. The only time I visit a doctor is for preventative care or a dermatologist every couple yrs if I have a skin rash. I'm also not on any medications. With my healthy state every time open enrollment comes around I'm always confused as to whether I should choose an HMO or PPO through my employer.


Anita M.

A PUBLIC SERVICE MESSAGEAre you all taking advantage of the American Rescue Plan Act? If you have not touched bases with your health insurance agent or, you may be leaving money on the table and paying higher premiums than necessary. I am a health insurance agent (not on duty), I am seeing customers save a lot of money on their health insurance due to ARPA changes to the cost of health care. If you are over 400% Federal Poverty Level, you are now able to get tax credits and savings on your premiums. Even if you are on COBRA, you may be eligible for assistance with the premium. Also, if you received unemployment benefits for at least one week, you may be eligible for tax credits and savings. I hope this information helps someone.


Renee P.

Health insurance is very important to try and have.

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