I'm debating on electing eye and dental for 2021

Started by Melissa H.
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Melissa H.

I know it's always nice and important to be covered. However my employer allows us an eye exam and contact/glasses every year. I think dental is straight across the board (every 6 month cleaning). I have fantastic teeth. Is it worth me just paying out of pocket for dental if something should go wrong. As for eye- nothing has changed in over 10 years. It it worth me electing these during my renewal in the upcoming months or should I just add the amount I would normally spend to a savings?


Joselyn M.

Personally I elected to keep dental coverage and drop eye coverage for 2021. I figured I could pickup eye insurance again in 2022 but I wanted to make sure I was covered for my dental visits this year.


Abigail S.

I take advantage of the vision plan my job offers because it costs me $190 a year but I get $260 towards contacts for my husband and me, plus the eye exams are covered


Renee P.

I like to try to have dental and vision insurance.

Deleted user

dental was always too expensive based on the limited benefits

Deleted user

I do every couple years for vision. Dental I have been on the fence about. I think with coupons sometimes paying out of pocket might be cheaper than my premiums. lI usually only have a cleaning every 6 months and don't need extra though.

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