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Started by Rashawn M.
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Jacqueline G.

I need help and I'm trying to find what else I can do to make more money.


Jnai P.

You can do Uber eats. It's a great way to make extra money around a business or work schedule. Create your own hours, set earning goals, reach other financial goals with the extra money you make. Uber eats is pretty hassle-free.


Joselyn M.

I make some extra cash and get in shape through WayBetter and StepBet. You amp up your motivation by betting on yourself in healthy living challenges. Everyone who completes the challenge splits the pot.


Alan H.

Sign up for government assistance. Snap is a great way to get food assistance. Unemployment might be another option.


Kristen O.

@Joslynn M if it is not too personal to ask, what categories of life (fitness, art, cleaning,) do you use for WayBetter?

I have not heard of this until you mentioned it, but the reviews in the app store seem to have mixed/extreme-opposing views.


Renee P.

It is good that we eventually get Social Security money.


Joselyn M.

Hi @Kristen O.! I am involved with all different categories of games… fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness. I would say all of them have helped me make positive life changes 😃

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