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Terry C.

I've heard that it's a good way to go, but I'm skeptical. Convince me!


Randi F.

I love acorns. I have saved over 100$ so far


Ronda H.

I've used Acorns passively for a about 5 years. I think it's ok as a start.


Christin B.

I always wanted to do this but I'll try it one day


Debby T.

Acorns is a wonderful savings tool and a great way to invest and make extra money!


Kitraina G.

I am wondering is it save to invest with this app, they ask for your social security number?


Aaron Y.

I am wondering is it save to invest with this app, they ask for your social security number?

Any brokerage account you set up will need you SSN. I believe Acorns is a reputable company. Remember though, all investments have a level of inherent risk.


Pamela P.

I just started using Acorns and at the moment it seems tricky but overall I see a little increase


Joel S.

Yes I like Acorns too,, makes some more than savings accounts.


Rosie L.

Acorn is awesome for me. You can choose your risk tolerance level. I been getting steady growth and is at a 20 percent positive return. They do charge monthly payments depending on the plan you choose.


Janet I.

I have Acorns for a while and have seen an increase. It's great that you can link your debit card and round ups go right to your Acorns account to be invested.


Cole W.

Acorns is great for getting started with investing. I used it for about 3 years because it was free with my student email. It was great for just autopiloting rounded up cash and transfers. Once I had to start paying a monthly fee I transferred to Fidelity and learned to do it myself, fee-free. Brokerages have come along way allowing for fractional shares so it is similar in that sense but lacks the convenience of automatic investments and roundups. I'd say if you're interested in investing try a brokerage, it will force you to learn how to invest, become more discipline with transferring money and save money (in fees) in the long run. If you don't care about buying ETFs and like convenience stay with Acorns. Either way its a win/win just stay the course and don't sell in market panics! Good luck


Joel S.

That's what's interesting about life, what works for some may not work for someone else, I have tried a 100 different avenues to invest and at my age having a Roth IRA is the safest and surest strategy for my particular scenario that there is. If you like to take risks, do that, if you you want to play it safe, do that, all we can do is what feels right for our own standards.


Tamerut A.

I really enjoy Acorns! It is a roboinvest platform and you can basically set it up and the investments are chosen for you. Been a member since 2015.


Cynthia W.

I'm going to check into Acorns. A little confused/skeptical.

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