Finding cheaper insurance

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Nathan G.

I recommend Policygenius:

I had life insurance that I shopped around for previously but due to a slightly high blood pressure during my nurse screening, I had to pay more than I thought I was going to. A couple years later I tried policygenius and for the exact same coverage I saved $15/mo on premium. They will give you a call and ask you questions for whatever insurance you are applying for, then give you a list of insurance companies and rates that you can view online, sorted by lowest cost. They help you through the whole process, do most the work for you. The way they get paid is by the company you end up signing with, so it's free of charge for you.

I've tried a few of these insurance comparing apps/websites and this was my favorite, I plan to try car/home insurance when I get time in the future.


Michael M.

If you qualify USAA is very good on insurance and banking. Their insurance has a lot of saving support.


Winnie Q.

USAA is great if you qualify, State Farm is very affordable if you can bundle multiple cars.


Christin B.

Thank God that I have Medicaid cuz she works out for me


Anonymized A.

Not enough information for a simple answer.

If you're over 50 and an AARP member I have found no better rates than Hartford.

If you have a PepBoys credit card you can pay insurance interest free for 6 months.

If you are financing your vehicle there's certain coverage you will have to keep. But if you have an old beater and just need to comply with state minimum coverage you gotta do what you gotta do but be advised you may be putting other assets at risk like your home if you own with too low liability.

But do not let your policy lapse or drive without insurance or it will cost you big later!

I had State Farm for years until there was a billing dispute and I switched to Progressive. And it was fine until I discovered Hartford online (not by independent agent who you'd pay a commission to) and got twice the coverage for half the cost. I hope I never have to find out how good they are with claims but I could never afford this coverage with the other big name companies.

So keep your driving record clean for at least 3 years, work on the credit score, and try a local independent agent or do an online search. Just be careful to not approve of a credit pull unless you are sure you are ready to commit because it counts as a hard pull just like applying for credit.


Anonymized A.

I've learned that having a good credit score doesn't always help with the rate you are quoted for auto insurance. I found that the area (zip Code) you live in makes a difference in your price.


Anonymized A.

I tried to get USAA a few years back as a surviving spouse of a veteran. Because he never signed up for USAA they said I couldn't. I tried Hartford at one point and had a great rate the first year. The next year I was surprised with an increase of about $220 for the year. The representative couldn't give a specific reason why my rates went up but said it was probably because of a disaster somewhere. I was mostly peeved that I wasn't told in advance so I switched to AAA. I kept them about a year but found that their rates were actually higher than other major companies. Right now I have Progressive because they beat all other companies I called, including Hartford. For the person who hopes that Hartford pays off, they do have excellent customer service and paid a huge claim without question. This was not related to the previous unexplained rate hike. I have found that a lot of companies don't offer loyalty incentives, so I shop around at least every other year. Good luck!


Anonymized A.

Thanks for all the references. I needed this.


Mark B.

the lowest price i've found for car insurance is with noblr, it's owned my USAA, but you do not need to in the military to use them. i'm paying about 30 dollars a month, has anyone found a better price? that's for 1 car and the minimum amount of coverage.


Manveer B.

I had luck just calling up a bunch of insurance providers and asking for quotes.


Jas W.

Every couple of years, I am forced to shop around for car/home insurance because rates will practically double in price. I will go to various insurance website and enter in the required information. At the end, I will check each insurance rate & and reputation and make my decision on where to switch to. I usually save a good amount of money from shopping around every couple of years.

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