Too little too late...

Started by Teresa D.
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Teresa D.

How can I start a retirement plan at 38 years old if I have nothing to start from?


Richard P.

You can start small. You can ask your employer if they offer retirement plans or contact any financial institution about their retirement plans.


Daniel C.

put loose change in a piggy bank to get started - it gets easier once you get started


Debby T.

Do an automatic withdrawal from your checking account into your savings account for every time you get paid. The money will add up fast and you won't even miss it from your check. Start with no less than $5 up to $20 or more if you can afford it.


Linda G.

I wound up retiring on my Social Security benefits earlier than I had planned. I wish I had saved more money when I had the chance. I can still save a little bit each month but it's very frugal living for me now! For anybody out there still in their 20s and 30s, it's never to late to start saving. Every little bit helps.


Elena B.

Check to see if your employer offers a plan but be sure to pay attention to fees. You could also open an IRA either traditional or Roth with a low cost broker like Fidelity. Before opening an retirement account be sure to have a savings or an emergency fund in place. This will keep you from withdrawing or taking loans from your retirement account.


Ronda H.

At what age can you "catch up" with your 401k? Where the govt allows you to set aside additional funds?


Juan M.

I've just come to the conclusion I'll never retire


Anonymized A.

I started by saving $20 a month in my fifties! I am now in my 70's. I have managed to save enough to cover emergencies. Each time I was able to pay off a debt, I started putting that monthly payment into savings instead of spending it. I set up auto transfer from checking to savings at the very beginning. I manage on SS, but I like having the cushion so I've continued the monthly transfer.


Noreen D.

Self employed and never made enough to start retirement fund. Living off of SS. and my partner helps. Lucky me. I'm glad SaverLife is here it helps me even now.


Tamara R.

You have a pretty long retirement horizon right now. See if your employer will offer retirement matching. Choose one luxury you can do without and put the money you would have spent there into a savings account. Once you get a plan in action, it is easier to just keep adding to it than that really tough push at the very beginning where you worry it isn't enough, or "am i doing it right," or "retirement is so far away, I can just get started after I pay for ***"


Noreen D.

Make sure when you do taxes there is money taken out for SOCIAL SECURITY. I was self employed Artist and my accountant did me a favor by taking out that money for me. I would have never thought to do that on my own.

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