Californians! Paying too much for check cashing, payday loans, or more? Tell us your story 📣

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SaverLife Moderator T.

Submit your banking story here

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • Had to pay for check cashing services because you don’t have a bank account
  • Faced challenges opening up a bank account because it’s hard to meet the minimum balance requirements
  • Been unable to get direct deposit of your paycheck because you don’t have a bank account
  • Had to buy prepaid debit cards to pay bills online or make purchases because you’re unable to get a debit or credit card account.

Even if you are doing all you can to manage your money, we know there are some circumstances where your bank fees, such as payday loans, check cashers or overdraft fees, may be very expensive.

Leaders in Sacramento need to hear from everyday Californians who aren’t able to access financial services without having to pay high fees to cash our paychecks or have to turn to buy cashier's checks, money orders, or prepaid debit cards to pay our bills.

Share your story about why every Californian should have the opportunity to open a zero-fee, zero-penalty debit account and debit card, and more.


Sherel H.

I remember having credit so bad I could not get a bank account and was forced to go to a currency exchange to cash my checks cost sometimes up to 20% of my check they seem to have always exploited my bad situation


Asia L.

The fees were too expensive, I eventually switched to an online account service.


Sonya J.

Banks are now offering a "payday loan" solution. the interest rates are much lower.

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