Seriously! The Diversity and Age of Trees in the Forest is Decreasing

Started by Aris R.
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Aris R.

Trees all over the world are trying to adapt to changing environmental conditions. These changes in fact have brought trees that are able to live hundreds of years to be short-lived. Not only that, changing environmental conditions also cause plant and animal species in the forest to decline. What is the cause of the erosion of the strength of trees that are usually considered strong and old long to weaken? Also Read: This is the Type of Fertilizer Recommended by Unpad Experts Deforestation Cuts Trees' Viability Deforestation and climate change are the reasons why this phenomenon can occur. This fact is reported in the Journal of Science, researchers from the US Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) who investigated the factors that have disrupted forest life over the past century. Land clearing and land movement are among the main factors that affect tree survival. . The results of a review of 160 studies conducted by these researchers found the fact that in a century old forests have been conserved into harvested timber forests. in the form of harvested timber forest or forest conversion to non-forest has increased from 4.8 million km2 in 1900 to 12.5 million km2 in 2015,” said Nate G. McDowell and research colleagues in the journal.

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