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Started by Paige B.
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Paige B.

Hello, my fellow SaverLife friends! My name is Paige & just like every, single one of us here, I am (& have been for quite some time now) pursuing my dream of having my own business. I first started my house cleaning business back in 2017. Through the years, I was able to build a fantastic clientele, which obviously meant that my business was doing freaking amazing for the longest time!!! I felt so blessed!! But then my worst nightmare happened… COVID-19… Once COVID-19 reached the U.S., so many people were deathly afraid of this new epidemic & ended up completely isolating themselves in their homes. As I'm sure you're all able to put together, I ended up losing so much business & it killed me financially. I had a cell phone that was specifically used for my clientele as well, & go figure, that phone ended up breaking. I lost ALL of my clienteles contact information!!! So now, I have start over, from scratch… Just my luck, huh? Lol. Anyone have any ideas on how I can re-grow my clientele???

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