4 Ways to Get Help with IRS Issues

To help ease some of the difficulting of contacting the IRS during tax season, we are sharing four approaches you can try to fix your tax issue. 

1) Discuss with your tax professional or tax preparation service if you have one.

For some of us, this may seem obvious, but maybe we weren’t happy with the service or are worried about additional costs. Often tax professionals will include a little bit of assistance in resolving issues with the IRS as part of the service for which you have already paid. In many cases, it is less expensive to go back to the tax service or professional who prepared your tax return. And you may have paid for “just in case” services like audit protection already. 

2) Discuss with the IRS in person.

Yes, this is possible. The IRS has offices all around the country. Find the nearest one and schedule an appointment. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, this option may be more difficult than normal since some offices may not be allowing in-person appointments. But you may be able to schedule phone or other appointments. 

3) Make use of the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Normally they offer in-person services, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were not doing in-person services as of Dec. 28, 2021. But they are still helping people resolve issues with the IRS and their taxes. The stated purpose of the taxpayer advocates is to help people resolve tax problems that they haven’t been able to resolve on their own. They are IRS employees and “Your Voice at the IRS.” Their website does have some useful tools, such as a roadmap to help you deal with IRS letters and notices.

4) Get a tax professional with experience in tax resolutions and problem-solving.

This approach will cost you money. But if you are frustrated or overwhelmed, it may be worth the cost to get someone else to do the heavy lifting. Make sure they have experience working with issues like yours. A referral from someone who was in a similar position can be helpful in finding the right tax professional. Ensure they have the right credentials for your situation. The IRS has a directory of credentialed tax professionals that you may want to use. 

While you may want your IRS or tax issue resolved quickly, often they aren’t resolved quickly. 

Many of the IRS processes have timelines and deadlines, not just for you, but also for the IRS. Make sure you ask about timelines when speaking with IRS representatives, taxpayer advocates, and tax professionals. Also, ask about the steps ahead. At least then you’ll have a little more knowledge on what to expect. 

I wish you success in your resolution of tax issues. 

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