Black History Month: Breaking Barriers to Build Black Wealth

This Black History Month, we are highlighting Black financial leaders who have broken barriers to create a more equitable future. We will also explore aspects of the racial wealth gap.

Throughout history, Black people have faced systemic barriers to building generational wealth that prevented Black families from achieving financial security. Despite limited access to financial institutions, government housing loans, and higher-paying jobs, these Black trailblazers overcame great hardships to achieve their success. 

Timeline of Black Trailblazers

About the racial wealth gap

Although there’s been some progress, there’s a nearly 10x wealth gap between the typical net worth of a white family ($171,000) and the net worth of a black family ($17,150). More about the racial wealth gap:

SaverLife’s financial coaches are dedicated to teaching people wealth-building habits to help close the racial wealth gap. Learn more about what Black History Month means to our coaches and their passion for helping to close the gap.

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