SaverLife Helps Connecticut Graduate Student to Avoid Debt and Build Savings

Celina learned about SaverLife from her local United Way and recently won $200 in a savings challenge.

Celina was working as a case manager for a local nonprofit in New Haven, CT when she heard about SaverLife. A representative from United Way’s ALICE saves program, which helps families develop long-term savings habits, presented information to Celina’s clients about the benefits of using SaverLife. 

Celina quickly signed up for SaverLife.

“I don’t like to recommend something unless I’ve tried it myself,” Celina said. 

In the nearly two years since she became a SaverLife member, Celina has prioritized saving.

“Saving is one of the most important things I can do for myself,” she said. “SaverLife has helped me become more diligent with my savings habit.”

Not only has SaverLife helped Celina create a savings habit, but Celina also connected with a Neighborhood Trust financial advisor who helped her assess her goals and set up a budget. Her savings helped her make ends meet when she was laid off in January 2020. Now, she’s using SaverLife to help her pay for her graduate degree in social work. 

“I was able to pay for my first year of graduate school without taking out any loans, and I’m on track to do the same for my second year. SaverLife has taught me that every $5 counts,” Celina said. 

In the summer of 2021, Celina participated in a savings challenge and won $200 from SaverLife. The money came at the perfect time to help her pay the property taxes on her car without dipping into her savings. 

When she graduates next year, Celina hopes to become a community organizer. She plans to continue saving and encourages others to make SaverLife part of their financial journey. 

“Joining SaverLife is one of the best things you can do for yourself—and it’s completely free!”

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