Three Cheers for our June Race to $100 Winners 🙌

Since we finished our last Race to $100 in March, so many of you reached out to ask if we could run it again. We loved your enthusiasm so much we couldn’t help but make your requests a reality last month.

We know so many of you are especially focused on building your emergency funds these days, so we wanted to give you some extra motivation to save. Over 8,000 of you decided to take us up on this challenge. During the month of June, we challenged our members to save $100 for a chance to be rewarded an additional $100 from us. All in all, there were ten $100 winners and one hundred $10 winners!

And we’re even MORE excited to announce that we’re rolling out a Race to $100 every six weeks from here on out! We want to help you meet your savings goals all year long. The next one starts July 15th. When you save $100 between July 15th – August 15th, you’ll be eligible to be rewarded an additional $100 from us 🙌

Make sure to log into your SaverLife account, have your bank account or PayPal linked, and opt in to the Race to $100.

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