5 Troubleshooting Tips for Linking Your Account

Linking your account to SaverLife opens up so many new doors along your saving journey! We want to make sure you have every SaverLife benefit available to you. Here are six tips for linking your account ⬇️

1. Double check your password and account credentials

This is the most common issue we see, and the easiest one to fix! Double check that you’re using the correct and most up-to-date version of your bank login password. If you are using a password saver that auto-fills your password, it may have an older version of your password saved. To see if this is the issue, log in to SaverLife in an incognito browser and try entering your bank credentials manually.

2. Try again in 12 hours

Unfortunately, sometimes the best thing to do is to wait then try again. For security reasons, if you enter the incorrect password too many times or your session expires, you may need to wait 12-36 hours. This clears up the issue for many people!

3. Try PayPal

If you’re unable to link your preferred bank account, try linking your PayPal account. Psssst, and when you win savings challenges, you can choose to have your cash reward sent straight to your PayPal! It’s like a little boost for your rainy day fund.

4. Open a new account

Another alternative is to open a dedicated savings account. SaverLife financial expert Linda Jacob has this to say about savings accounts: “They have limited withdrawals, but usually only a $100 minimum in order to avoid a monthly fee. This account generally has a higher interest rate than a checking account, but lower than a money market account.”

5. Reach out to our member support team

If none of the above tips work for you or you need additional help, our member support team is always happy to troubleshoot any account linking issues you may have.


And when you feel comfortable with how much you’ve saved in your emergency fund, consider starting a sinking fund for your not-so-unexpected-expenses like monthly bills, an upcoming car expense, or a family vacation.

Here are just a handful of benefits you’ll receive when you link your account:

  • You can participate in savings challenges like the Race to $100
  • When you save $5 each week, you’ll earn 250 points—enough to redeem a Scratch & Save card
  • You’ll be able to set a 30-day savings goal and track your progress toward achieving it
  • Many more features coming soon!

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