Laurynn’s Story: How to be a Blessing to Others

Laurynn is a non-profit founder and daycare owner who lives in Central Florida with her two daughters.

How do you like living in Florida?

I honestly love it. I’ve been here for about three years, and I don’t see myself living anywhere else. The heat took some getting used to, but I usually stay inside with the AC on anyway. It’s definitely home for my two daughters and me. Besides my daughters, I’m surrounded by the family that I’ve made here. I’ve created some serious bonds since moving here with my two girls and that’s another reason why Florida is home.

What do you do for a living?

So I have multiple professions, but my main source of income is from the daycare I own. I’m also the founder of a non-profit, a notary, and an author of two books. I’d definitely consider myself a busybody. I’ve learned you have to wear many hats to survive.

Tell me about your favorite hat to wear.

I have two: my non-profit and the daycare I run. I’m passionate about both, and they’re equally important to me.

With the non-profit, it’s small, but I feel like it’s my mission to help people. It started with a food pantry beside my mailbox. I felt called to bridge the gap of hunger in my neighborhood. I thought to myself, “This is helping someone put food on their table.”

The daycare allowed me to raise my own children, which is the main reason I started it in the first place. It makes me very happy.

Could you tell me about the two books you’ve written?

The first one I wrote when I was very young. I talk about my experiences as a child and finding my way in life. And the second book is a collection of poetry.

What does a day in your life currently look like? How is your family coping with what’s going on?

Busy, busy, busy. I wake up at the crack of dawn. As a single mom of two daughters who are four and three years old, I have to start my day early. For my daycare, I’m not only serving my children, but other people’s children as well. I teach the children I care for. I participate in virtual prayer with my church at 7am. From the time my feet touch the floor when I wake up, I’m serving others, I’m planning, working on projects and developing things within myself.

I’m always busy with something. There’s never a day where I’m not exhausted by 12pm. Sometimes, I even feel guilt trying to sneak a nap in. I can get so caught up in helping others that I forget to do things for myself, like eat. I’m a very passionate person. Anything that I’m involved in, I’m giving it my everything.

In your June Journaling post, you mentioned helping others. What does that look like for you right now?

Each month, I put aside 10% for tithes for my church and $50 for charitable giving such as giving money to homeless people. I’ve made some changes because everyone I know, or even don’t know, is struggling. For example, I know many people are still waiting to receive unemployment. More people are getting food from the pantry I have set up, so I know they need help. I thought to myself, “If someone can’t feed their children today, I’m gonna have faith and I’m gonna help them get food for the week.” It’s a blessing to be able to bless others.

I was a little more prepared than most people. At the beginning of the lockdown, I had enough savings to last for two months. I was able to get extensions on a few of my debts, so this decreased my monthly debts temporarily. I still paid my tithes accordingly, but I decided that $50 a month for charitable giving wasn’t enough. So I increased the amount to $100. Very recently, I was able to help a family out that wasn’t able to pay their bills, get groceries. They’re still facing eviction. I’m struggling too, but I’m not in the position that they’re in, so I helped them. I could think only of my children and I and the months ahead, or I could recognize that as of today, I have abundance and can bless someone else if I just released some of what I was blessed with. Every dollar that I’ve released to bless someone else, I’ve been able to get it back with an increase in due time.

What or who inspired you to be a blessing to others?

Christ. I’m a Christian. Part of being a Christian is walking that walk and helping others. It’s hard to say you love Christ if you aren’t loving others. What launched me into serving others before myself has been my spiritual walk.

I learned that when it comes to helping others, it’s not shoes that you take off and put back on when you’re ready. You’re always on that walk. From interacting with my children to talking with my neighbors, it’s just a part of life.

Are your kids in school?

My daughters are homeschooled. My four-year-old will be starting kindergarten this year, and she’ll be in online classes. Even though she’ll be taught online, I’m going to be her learning coach. I want to give her her wings and let her flap them a bit.

I’ve always wanted to homeschool my children and establish their foundation here at home. For my oldest, she’s already got her schedule down. She’s actually learning Spanish and sign language at home. I enjoy teaching my children, but I decided to let them get a break from me and have a different academic teacher. I want my children to learn many teaching styles and socialize with other adults in a different environment.

It sounds like you and your daughters have a great relationship. Can you tell me more about them?

So my oldest is definitely a deep thinker. Last week, she asked me if I’ve ever had my heart broken. And last night, she asked if we could do yoga together. She catches me off guard with her questions at least two times a week. You can just tell by the things she asks that she thinks a lot.

My youngest is attached to my hip. She’s my chef in training. I’ve never seen a child so interested in food the way that she is. It’s a struggle to keep her out of the kitchen. She’s also my little artist.

What would you like to do after this is all over?

I want to be able to travel with my kids. We were supposed to go to Puerto Rico for Mother’s Day. My children have never been there, and I think that’s the first big thing we’re gonna do.

They don’t have any stamps on their passports yet, but we’re gonna get there. I’ve also thought about taking them on a cruise. Mama loves to travel, and they’re my travel buddies.

How do you feel about SaverLife?

Where have you guys been all my life? That’s what first comes to mind. Discovering SaverLife was like finding a needle in the haystack—and I found that needle! SaverLife has been a real blessing to our lives. It’s great that you teach people about the importance of savings. Before I was even approved for the emergency response fund, I saw what you all were doing in communities. It was really motivational.

This pandemic has really taught a lot of people how to save. Sometimes, it’s the difference between having a roof over your head and not having one.

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