Emergency funds

Started by Thomasina H.
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Kaleigh F.

Looking for help with emergency funds for a filling that came out of my tooth. :(


Detra J.

How does an existing small business get a loan or grant to grow my business and pay off debt and bills, but I have bad credit , however business is trying to grow but need more equipment, employees, trucks, etc…. I have a cleaning service- residential and commercial- we also do property clean up and maintenance….any recomendations??? Im in VA where there is basically nothing


Marcus M.

Please help me can anyone send me momey im about to be put out on the street


Katrina S.

What are the best resources in Florida for financial emergencies, please?


Katrina S.

Does anyone have any ideas? Our niece recently moved in, and after COVID job losses, even with a new job, it is difficult to get caught up. Thank you in advance.


Desiree A.

For me, because of Covid and being unemployed due to my store being temporarily closed, I've had to seek help through online mutual aid. So I've made posts on social media asking for aid, and thankfully that's worked out but it's a really hit or miss thing, and if you need a lot of money it is much harder to reach that goal.


Carol G.

How do they determine who gets the funds at the time(s) they are distributed?


Krystal L.

On the verge of losing everything. Single mother with two kids. Cannot find help or work. Stress and the struggle are killing me.


Felisha G.

This is going to be the first Christmas that I can't do absolutely nothing for my little boys since I lost my job and my middle was admitted into ICU. We don't even have a Christmas tree and our electricity is about to be cut off which isn't good considering he has Chronic asthma. Can anyone please help?


Barbara B.

I think this year is going to be the worse for my 7 children and I by far the most depressing. :(. Not only because of covid19 pandemic,no money for gifts,over due bills & rent,our dog is sick and we have had 6 deaths in our family in less than a year now and it's not going to be the same without them here. :(

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