What do you think about own children going back to school

Started by Shaquita W.
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Shaquita W.

We should keep our children home until this is under control ..


Adrienne L.

We are not sending our two boys back this fall. We are lucky that our district is offering remote options and my spouse and I work opposite shifts so we can make that work.

I feel for parents who have more complicated factors to consider.


Brittany R.

I don’t know how to feel about children going back to school.


Brittany T.

I have 2 middle schoolers and a high schooler and they have a bad case of cabin fever even though they are begging.im still to scared to send them and i couldn't even imagine my anxiety if they were younger id be a nervous wreck. Everyone stay safe


Lee M.

Bad idea. They should wait until cases go down. There will be spreading in the schools, then brought home…


Danielle C.

I dont feel comfortable sending my children back to school. Although i know they need to be around friends n need the help the teachers give. I dont know what to do. Its a confusing time for everyone.


Trisha R.

Its a scary situation and I am opting for my own home school plan for my 2 kids, a teenage 14 year old girl and 9 year old girl


Rebecca S.

I want to keep my child at home for remote learning and hope the district offers remote learning as an option


Mary S.

I am still not sure if they are going back or homeschool.

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