What retirement looks like to me

Started by Anonymized A.
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Anonymized A.

By the time I retire, I hope that I can have my house paid off and enough money to travel the world while also making sure to have the funds to pay the utility bills.


Krista E.

I'm hoping to have everything paid off myself. So I'll only have to worry about paying basic low Bills.


Anonymized A.

@Krista - that's my goal as well!! I want to be able to volunteer and still stay as active as I can within my community while also being able to afford my retirement lifestyle.


Melissa D.

If we have our home paid off and can pay our bills, I think we'll have done well enough.


Tim C.

Freedom to choose what I want to do…. Not being required to work to make enough to cover necessities.


Dawn C.

I’m hoping to retire at 65 and move to TX TO BE NEAR MY DAUGHTER


Kitraina G.

My house is paid off, but it was built in 1910 . So I hope I have it remodeled by the time I retire


Elena B.

I plan to retire in my mid 60’s. I am already debt free and my home is paid off. Currently I am focused on saving money to do things I would like to do in retirement such as hobbies and travel. This is in addition to money to cover basic expenses. Luckily I have almost 30 years on side to get my savings where it needs to be.


Debby T.

I retired 5 years ago when I was 54! I'm now helping to raise my grandkids and do some online work to make extra money. I'm looking forward to moving into a senior community so I can still have my freedom. I have enough retirement money to live a good rest of my life and give a bit to my kids , grandkids, and great grandkids. I've been saving money since I was i was 14. You should invest in in your kids future by having save up spare change then open them a savings account to show them the importance of saving money for their future.


Cammy G.

Having my home paid off and no mortgage is a Godsend. We were able to downsize and have just enough space to be comfortable. I plan on retiring within the next year. On paper it looks like we will be fine, but I am just nervous about taking the plunge, especially in the middle of this pandemic.


May P.

I would love to downsize and have my mandatory bills total to less than $10k a year, and use the rest of my "free" money to travel the world!


Deborah C.

the week is 6 saturdays and one sunday; make everyday special


Renee P.

I love the freedom of retirement. I hope that I can stay retired.


Michael M.

In retirement and it seems like there is never enough time to get things done


Tony D.

I'm hoping to be able to leave a charitable legacy after I'm gone.

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