Free, Cheap and (Mostly) Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

Homemade holiday gifts may just be the best way to give. They’re easy on the budget AND meaningful to the giver and the receiver.

Get Creative

Use your unique talents and interests to make homemade gifts.

  • Artists: Brighten another’s home with a special drawing, painting or photograph.
  • Bakers: Your luscious dessert or savory bread will be a highlight. Alternatively, provide a key ingredient and share a recipe. For example, give a bag of your favorite chocolate chips and share your nana’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
  • Knitters: Who wouldn’t love a new scarf or cozy hat? 

Give the Gift of Time Together

Most of us wish we had more time with the special people in our lives. We’re not necessarily wishing for more things. 

  • Share special experiences and activities: walk a nature trail in a state park, visit a local museum or meet up for a bagel and coffee. Special experiences can be simple. Sometimes simple is best. 
  • Kids will enjoy a “coupon” book of quality-time treats. Think about what your unique and special kid would especially enjoy doing while spending time with you. 

Here are a few coupon ideas: 

  • one extra book read aloud at bedtime
  • extra 45 minutes of Minecraft build time with mom/dad/big bro, etc. 
  • trip to the coolest playground in town
  • invite a friend (or a few) to your home for a board game play day

Make it Personal

The best gifts often come from really knowing someone.  For people you’re very close with consider something from the heart: 

  • Write a special note sharing your recollection of a special time or memory with the person. Your kind words may just be the best gift ever.   
  • Print and frame a special photo. I know we all have lots of photos on our phones, but get a special one printed and frame it.

Refresh or Restart a Family Tradition

One of my favorite Christmas memories was when my mom made dozens of sugar cookies and then let me invite friends over for a cookie decorating party.  We iced, frosted and sprinkled away and had a great time.  

What homemade tradition can you bring to life with your special people this year?

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