Buying a house seems unattainable for me. What can I do?

“Thanks you for your blog and articles to educate oneself. I hear a lots about affordable housing, which concerns me because the prices on these houses are still not attainable for people like me. I want to buy a home with the Habitat for Humanity program. Can you give insight on what it takes to own a home? Thank you.”

Submitted by Josephine D.

Home ownership can seem unachievable when you look at the cost of housing in many areas. Fortunately, there are several programs like Habitat For Humanity that can help you build a financial foundation (see what I did there?) and create a path to owning your own home.

There are a few basics steps that anyone seeking to purchase a home must complete. When money is tight and buying a home seems out of reach, a good first step is to learn about the homeownership programs in your immediate area (or in another locale if you are considering moving to a new city or town).

The Housing and Urban Development Office (HUD) has a list of HUD-sponsored housing counseling services across the U.S. A HUD housing counselor will be able to tell you about federal and local programs that are available and can often determine your eligibility by asking a few questions about your financial situation and family size.

It is easy to look at all of the steps and become overwhelmed or discouraged, so don’t start with a list. Start with a call. Get the information that is relevant to your specific circumstance and learn what you would have to do to achieve your goal. With good planning and the support of a program like Habitat or others, your goal may be closer than you think.

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