Are there any legit organizations that help with credit repair?

Are there any legit organizations that help with credit repair?? I’m fearful of paying my money to a company that’s not accredited.

Submitted by anonymous.

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) is my trusted source for this topic because they offer tips on selecting a reputable organization as well as some important questions to ask.

  • Does the agency have minimum debt requirements? You’ve probably heard those advertisements that start with, “Do you have more than $10,000 in debt?” This is a case of buyer beware. If someone is that excited about your debt, chances are they are looking out for their interests before yours.
  • Are they willing to work with you even if you can’t afford the fee? It is a big red flag if they say no.
  • Don’t be afraid to interview more than one organization. Hold out for the right fit for your needs.

To read more, check out this resource from the CFPB.

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