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Quick Facts

  • Jan. 24 – When the IRS will start processing tax returns filed in 2022
  • April 18 – Deadline to file your tax return
  • Possible delays in 2022: Your tax return could be delayed this year. File as early as possible, and check the status of your refund using Where’s My Refund and IRS2go app.


New for 2022

Timely Tax Tips

  1. What Documents Do I need for the 2022 Tax Season?
  2. What Tax Breaks End in 2021?
  3. 5 Tips to help navigate 2021 changes to filing taxes
  4. Tax tricks to navigate problems with Child Tax Credit, retirement withdrawals, and rental property sales

Tax Filing Tips

  1. How do I know if I should file taxes online or get help from a tax preparer?
  2. How do I safely find and pick a tax preparer or online tax software?
  3. How to get legal help this tax season
  4. 5 Ways to make sure your tax return is processed ASAP
  5. Operation Hidden Treasure: Cryptocurrency and taxes
  6. What Should I do with an IRS Letter?
  7. How to fix your tax return after making a tax filing mistake
  8. Tax Tips for Gig Workers and Self-Employed Taxpayers
  9. When can I deduct travel expenses on my federal tax return?
  10. Avoid tax scams and overcome identity theft this tax season
  11. What to do when you didn’t receive your tax refund

Earned Income Tax Credit & Recovery Rebate Credit Tips

  1. What is the Earned Income Tax Credit?
  2. 2021 Changes to Earned Income Tax Credit
  3. Everything you need to know about the Recovery Rebate Credit

Child Tax Credit Tips

  1. NEW – What if Letter 6419 or IRS records don’t match what I received for Child Tax Credit payments?
  2. 2021 Changes to Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit
  3. What should I do if my Advance Child Tax Credit Payments were Wrong?
  4. Tax Tips: Someone else received my dependent’s Child Tax Credit
  5. What to do when the IRS sends you Letter 6419
  6. How the Child Tax Credit will affect your tax return

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Taxes 101

Get Tax Filing Help

Tax Time Allies connects you with IRS-certified volunteers who provide free help with basic income tax return preparation to qualified individuals through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs. 

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Stay Alert for Fraud & Scams During Tax Time

Many people receive a lot of money in their tax refund. Unfortunately, scammers know this and often try to take advantage of people during this time. It’s important to be vigilant and know what to expect during tax time so you stay one step ahead.

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