Why midterm elections matter

A friendly reminder that Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

You can make a difference every two years

Every four years, voters elect or re-elect the president, who serves as part of the federal government’s executive branch. And every two years, voters can also elect several local representatives who serve in the legislative branch.

The legislative branch (a.k.a Congress) is made up of 100 lawmakers in the Senate, 435 lawmakers in the House of Representatives, and six additional members of Congress, for a total of 541 representatives nationwide. As public servants, these politicians have an impact at both the state and federal levels.

So why do midterm elections matter? Because you don’t have to wait for another four years to make a difference with your vote. Every two years, during the midterm elections, you have another golden opportunity to let your voice be heard through your vote.

Your vote = your voice

If you think your current Senators and Representatives (a.k.a incumbents) are addressing the social issues you want them to, then you give them your literal vote of confidence. And if you do not think your concerns are being addressed by your elected officials, you can vote for their replacement.

Additionally, during the midterm elections every two years, you can make your voice heard by voting in favor or in opposition of local ordinances and/or statewide propositions (a.k.a. props) on your ballot. Propositions can range from education funding to climate change projects to healthcare issues and more.

From school boards to county supervisors to ballot measures, local elections impact our day-to-day lives.  Every state is different, so make sure you know who and what’s on your ballot this November. 

4 things you can do right now

Check your voter registration status
In 2020, the U.S. had a record voter turnout. Can we beat that record? Check your voter status, and let’s get to it this Election Day!

Learn who and what is on your ballot
Whether you’re voting by mail or in person this fall, it’s important to know who you’re voting for and how you want to vote on certain ballot measures

Mark your calendar and make your voting plan
Election day this year is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Use our helpful tool (LINK) to make your voting plan, and we’ll send you a reminder leading up to election day!

Share that you’re voting

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