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Homeownership  May 07, 2024
The Lasting Impacts of Housing on Your Financial Health

SaverLife member Shelly recognizes how closely her income and housing situation are intertwined. While Shelly works full time (and often more than one job) to keep her finances stable, her work hours and monthly income can fluctuate greatly. And this fluctuation causes a ripple effect on other aspects of her finances, often requiring her to…

Reliable Small Business Support and Guidance for All Seasons of Life – Graduation to Retirement

When you think about financial health, what comes to mind? For SaverLife members, defining financial health can look very different to each person. Why? Because there’s no one way to navigate your financial situation: everyone is working toward different goals for themselves and their families. This is also true of entrepreneurship. Starting and maintaining gig…

Understanding the Self-Employment Tax Implications for Family Caregivers

Are you providing regular care to a family member or friend? If you’re receiving compensation for your services, it’s important to track your income. Caregiving, even for a loved one, could be considered self-employment and change how you file your taxes. There are different scenarios in caregiving situations that will determine if you, as a…

Self-Employment Taxes: What You Need to Know and How to Stay on Top of Them with Confidence

Being your own boss comes with many benefits, like greater flexibility, freedom, and control over your work. However, when it comes to taxes, being self-employed can feel like a whole new ballgame. Navigating the process of self-employment taxes, i...

Finances 101  April 30, 2024
Grow Your Gig: Getting Started Financially as an Influencer or Gig Worker

Are you looking to start gig work or become an influencer? Welcome to the SaverLife microentrepreneur community! Through surveys and interviews, we’ve found that a majority of SaverLife members are pursuing gig or influencer work to make ends meet ...

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